RajBala Educational Institution Private Limited focuses on various segments of learning from home education across the learners of several age-groups. Led by a team of highly qualified professionals, including ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and ICFA, Virginia (USA) alumni, with a passion for excellence in education, RajBala Educational Institution Private Limited is focusing on shaping the lives and careers of many students. RBeI is diversifying and establishing itself as a recognized brand in Kolkata in education sector. At RBeI, we let individuals to realize their potential and achieve their dreams. This is our core philosophy and we are mightily grounded on our focus on academic excellence, technological innovation, and provide expertise built over years by our experienced faculties. We operate across a broad spectrum of segments in the education industry, including Board preparation and Competitive examination training.

What We Aim For

We at RajBala Educational Institution believes in self-sustained learning process. Just as food has no use unless one is hungry, true learning does not happen unless there is curiosity and a broader purpose to pursue. The role of the teacher is to facilitate the learning process. Our role is to build the questioning mind. As the student begins to unknot the answer to a question, a numerous other questions crop up. By looking for answers to each of the succeeding questions, the student is getting richer in perspective and acquires clarity of concepts. In the RBeI, the student takes up the responsibility for his or her own learning and acquires self-motivation. We are constantly working with the sole goal of empowering every student by awakening the spirit of questioning.

How We Started

RajBala Educational Institution was started in Dec 2017. RBeI is the culmination of a desire to start an entrepreneurial venture to help the students in Boards, competitive, entrance and professional examinations.


We trust in the dream of making India “The Vishwa Guru” in learning. RBeI, is a premier online Educational platform trying to give shape to this dream. This platform is based on the concept of educating the young learners imparting knowledge not only academic but also value based. Our Teaching methodology is reliable. We, at RBeI focus on the comfort and acceptability of the students so that they perform in the best of their capacity. Most of our faculty members are from various research and teaching segment. We have designed our curriculum in such a way that it is very interesting and interactive enhancing the problem solving skills of the students.

Core Team

Shri Anjesh Kumar Singal

Managing Director

Ms. Snehal Shaw

Marketing Head

Ms. Kavita Yadav

Student's Mentor

Shri Praveen Kumar Bansal

Chief Finance Officer

Ms. Radhika Rathi

Administrative Officer

Ms. Komal Bansal

Accounts Officer

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