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Dear Students,

With the examinations approaching, you all are trying to concentrate and put in your hard labor to excel.

Here are few tips to improve and take care of your preparation keeping in view that no time is wasted.

  • Get started: if your understanding of the subject matter is doubt-free, it is time to start revision

  • A planned revision: the topic that you want to study and the number of days you want to take for the revision of the same should be pre planned

  • Written practice: in all subject’s plan for solving papers. More papers you solve, more is the confidence in you

  • Regular timings: study according to a fixed time table that you should plan out before. Do take breaks but not too many

  • Get your doubts cleared: keep a written note of it and do not allow it to pile up

  • Your text books are the best ones: avoid studying from guides, help books and similar other books

  • Study thoroughly: each topic should be studied along with its pictorial presentation like maps, charts, diagrams, tables etc

  • Avoid rote learning: without understanding it is difficult to learn as it might not help

  • Check your earlier test papers: see the mistakes you have committed earlier and make sure that they are not repeated

  • Do not go by the saying that only study and no play makes Jack a dull boy: it is time to study and give all your efforts and concentration towards it.

Wishing you all the best

About the author

Souravi Chakraborty is a distinguished pedagogue who has the experience of teaching at various schools across the country for over three decades. She started her career as a teacher of classes XI and XII at the Mahadevi Birla Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Kolkata. She was the Head of the Department of History at Lady Irwin Senior Secondary School, New Delhi from 1993 to 2000. She became the Principal of O.P. Jindal Vidya Niketan School in Bhuj (Gujarat) in 2010. She has also worked as Senior Resource Teacher for the curriculum support package initiated by the Hindustan Times, and as consultant for the Newspapers in Education (NIE) Project of the Times of India.

  2018-12-27 09:12:07

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