How to Master Physics for Jee(Main +Adv.)



Physics, the subject -The Subject which tells us about the occurrence of natural phenomenon all around in our nature. This is the definition of Physics, but let me take you little deeper and introduce you with the conceptual implication of Physics.

In reality, life keeps revolving around Physics. Let me tell you how?

Suppose, we are sleeping on bed then what is happening actually, your weight is being balanced by the normal reaction provided by your bed.

For example, when you are walking, then Physics comes to play as Newton's 3rd law of motion comes into action.

The ceiling fan revolving shows us the Rotational Motion in it. The pendulum doing SHM, Water flowing through the tap shows steady flow of water and lot more to mention.

So, we can say that whatever is happening around us can be related with Physics.

But why am I mentioning all this?

Because in order to master Physics, you have to understand it first.

So, the very first mantra to excel in physics is to understand it deeply. Don't rely on memorizing formulas, rather always try to understand the concepts.


How to Proceed with the texts?


1.First of all start with DC Pandey’s book for theory part.

2.Then Start Solving HC Verma's each and every questions.

3. Come back to DC Pandey and cover its questions.

4.Then specifically for JEE Advanced, Start solving IE Irodov(It would be a tough nut to crack initially, but don't worry its tough for everyone).

Effective Revision Technique

Things once learnt and if not revised immediately, you will forget. It can clearly be seen with the given curve. 


Hence its very essential for us to revise whatever we have learnt.

Importance of Test Series and practicing numericals. 

One should keep in mind that JEE is an objective exam, so you must have to prepare accordingly... 

  • In order to do that, firstly you should practice numericals in a time bound manner. Set the timer for 30 minutes and solve 15 questions, giving 2 minutes per question.

  • One should try to give the test as soon as he/she finishes the chapter.

  • Most importantly, after completing the test 'Analysis' is a must. Now the question is how to do analysis of the given test. I am providing you the steps which you have to follow: -​

  1. ​​​​​​Check what are your mistakes. 

  2. Note down the concepts in which you have made mistakes and then focus on those concepts.

  3. Keep a note of it for last time revision before exams. 


Most Important Topics to cover”

1.Mechanics- In Mechanics try to focus more on friction, Work Power and Energy Rotation and Fluid Mechanics. 

2.SHM and Waves- Cover this entire portion, generally questions are of moderate level in JEE. 

3.Heat and Thermodynamics- It's extremely important and easy as well, all you have to do is to revise it again and again... 

4.Electromagnetism- The topics such as Electrostatics, Capacitor, EMI and AC should be focused more. 

5.Optics- Its also an easy one, just proper understanding of concepts are required to master it. 

6.Modern Physics - It is a very scoring topic and every year 4 to 5 questions are always there in JEE Main and also in Advanced question paper. So in modern physics, focus more on semiconductor and communication System.

Below I have given chapter wise distribution of questions in JEE (Main+ Adv.)..*


*Its just a rough distribution, not exact one but I have given so that you can have some idea, subject to change.

Some Study Tricks for JEE: -

1. Always make your hand-written short notes of each chapter, which will be extremely helpful for revision. 

2.Use notes to memorise facts and formulas. Keep a written note of what you want to memorise and keep it in front of your study table so that you can see frequently.

3.Try to study using 'Pomodoro Technique' Now let me explain, what actually it is...Set the timer for 25 min and study with full focus leaving behind all distractions and then after 25 mins take a 5 minute break then again take one Pomodoro (25 minutes session is called a Pomodoro). So studying in this way will increase your standard of answering questions very effectively. 

4.Don't keep any doubt in mind just be clear with your concepts.

5.  Take your tests seriously like your finals.

Wishing you all, best of luck for your preparations and the final Exam. Eat Healthy, Sleep well, don't take stress, keep calm and keep practicing...


Best Books for Jee (Main+Adv.)

1.Dc Pandey- (All parts)

2.Hc Verma - Vol- 1,2

3.Ncert Exemplar

4.I.E Irodov(Only for Jee Adv.)


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