Chemistry Class 10 ICSE Important questions

  by RBeI

  1. What are the elements of group 17 called?
  2. Name the group 17 element which is solid
  3. Give reason Inert gases have Zero valency
  4. Give reason the atomic size increases as we move down the group.
  5. Give reason Sodium chloride forms ionic bond.
  6. Difference between Conductor and Electrolysis
  7. Define Electrolysis.
  8. State the 5 chemical difference between metals and Non-metals
  9. Write the Constituents of electrolyte for the extraction of aluminium
  10. Write balanced chemical equation
    1. The reduction of ferric oxide
    2. Calamine is heated
    3. Heating of iron with sulphur
  11. Why HCL gas is not dried by using phosphorous pentaoxide and  calcium oxide.
  12. Write balanced equation for the reaction of Manganese(IV) oxide and concentrated HCL
  13. State two reaction of H2SO4 with sulphite and bisulphte
  14. State that H2SO4  acts as a Dehydrating agent
  15. Test for Sulphuric acid

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