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by RBeI
  2020-01-06 07:43:57

This will cover all the imporatnt Questions of Chemistry Class 10 This is 1 Marks Question  There are total 80 Questions in this worksheet Click here to visit our Page .


Class 9 Science CBSE Important Question Chemistry Matter in our Surroundings, Is matter around us pure, Atoms and Molecules, Structure of Atom

by RBeI
  2019-11-24 08:42:17

MATTER IN OUR SURROUNDINGS Fill in the Blanks Evaporation of a liquid at room temperature leads to a ______ effect. The phenomenon of change of a liquid into the gaseous state at any temperature below its boiling point is called ______ The laboratory thermometers and the clinical thermometer are calibrated in __________ 0° C = _______ K Th.


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