Self- evaluation in Parental Monitoring

True is the saying that “there is no such thing as perfect parenting. Just be a real one”. In today’s world, students are very easily distracted due to different reasons. In such situations continued support and involvement in the child’s education is one of the important aspect. You play an important part in helping your child to give the best performance in every sphere of life. Together we can make a difference.
Here is a small questionnaire to know how you would most likely to behave in the following situations. This self- assessment would help you to know you better. Mark them as agree, somehow agree, disagree and Strongly disagree. Start Test

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

Your score: Dominating and unresponsive
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Self- evaluation in Parental Monitoring

I am available to my child in time of need

I encourage self- expression

I motivate my child in every situation

I scold him as and when required

My permission is not necessary in all situations

My love towards my child is unconditional

I want my child to live by his rules

I am always close by during the time of examinations

I try to understand whatever he says

I allow him sometimes to celebrate his/ her birthdays

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